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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 27, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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"news4 at 11" starts now. >> and we'regoing to begin tonight getting you both ready to get back to work. hopefully you enjoyed the long weekend and the beautiful t weather tha had. >> that's right. these folks in chevy chase had a very nice night. we are in b for someig changes between now and when you wake up tomorrow morning, it could look something like this. a viewer sent us this video of a lightning strike during yesterday's storm. this is in warrenton, virginia. how about that? >> that will get your attention. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is standing by in the weather center. doug, what should we prepare for in the morning? >> i think you need to prepare for a lot of different thing morrow. one is going to be take the umbrella early on. and two, get ready for the heat coming in tomorrow. was spectacu beautiful weather, sunshine, high temperatures in the mid-80s. high temperature of 85 in d.c. 87 in richmond. 84 if you're down in virginia
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beach. ool on saturday but rebounded nicely. 80 degrees today. what i'm watching now is not in our area, it's right here over portions of ohio. and this has been tornadic throughout the day, producing numerous tornadoes, and now numerous tornado warnings in ohio. and this systemoving our way for the morning rush. and i really think we're going have some problems with this early tomorrow mong. tonight tracking your morning storms. i'm going to take you hour by hour.ho we'll you thou get through this. going to be a hot one tomorrow, absolutely. i'm going for highs in the lowa 90 more heat and more storms through the week. we'll talk about that too. i'm back in a couple of minutes. >> all rig we'll get back to you in just a bit. meanwhile, the sounds of "taps" and parades should define memorial day. instead, gunshots rang out over and over i d.c. thisweekend. each of these markers represents a shooting since friday evening. news4's jackie bensen live at police headquarters with new information on this rash of violence all across the city.
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>> leon, two of these shooting incidents involve multiple victims, andmo one of the recent happened just two hours ago in the 600 block of 13th street northwest. we have some video of that. and i want to let you know, juse to transparent when reporting on this, we often have only the d.c. police department's tweets for informion. d in many cases, those tweets are just one line. we're told that when those tweets used the term shooting, it generally means a person was struck or grazed by a bullet. based on those tweets, it appears as many as 19 people have been shot inc. d. this memorial day weekend. and that includes a 15-year-old who died his injuries. this is a bullet hole in the honda suv that people ducked behind to avoid gunfire the street from the berry farm rec center and pool on sumner road southeast. it was about 2:30 the facity was closed for memorial day. five people were hit.
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one iescribed by police as being under 18 years old. police released imagesh of silver nissan leaving the scene. barry farpublic housing is in the process of being demolished and being replaced by what's called a mixed use, mixed income right here. >> because this community is under redevelopment, should it have more security. >> the barry farm shooting happened just 28 hoursafter another incident, this one on wheeler road southeast left four otpeople with g wounds, tragically, those injuries proved fatal to 15-year-old maurice scott. this chilling sveillance video shows how the gunman, who got out of the t car at top right of the screen began firing at a man going into the convenience store. the teenagernd another man were standing outside and in their panic ran directly into gunfire. f the >> my name is maurice. >> well, i'm still thinking that he might walk through that door. that i can just hold him one
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more time. >> reporter: and one of the men nhot near the barry farm rec center this aftn is said to have life-threatening inries. live at d.c. police headquarters, jackie bensen, news4. >jackie, thank you. new tonight, we nowe know th name of the man who died when ho uldn't escape from his burning car. michael gerson's kia soul crashed last night inscdama. he ran off laytonsville road north of hawkins creamery road. the car slammed inee a trnd caught fire. investigators are still trying to figure out why the car left the road. and new tonight, investigators want to find the person who torched this minivan. montgomery county fire and rescue sent us pictures of what's left of this vehicle. flames shot out from the minivan today inurgaithersbg. nyll fire rescue if you have information on this arson. ag test of patience tomorrow in the offing if you're taking metro. this is going to be the first
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time commuters will experience the metro summer shutdown. the blue and yellow lines in all six stations now, the reagan natiol airport are now closed. news4's shomari stone has a look at the remairs being e, and when the lines are going to be reopening. >> yeah, i'm angry and disappointed. >> reporter: drew duggans is angry in alexandria. >> the whole reason i moved to this apartment complex in alexandria is because it wasig r next to the metro. >> reporter: he lis across the street from the braddock road metro station. one of six blue and yellow line stations south of reagan national airport that are clofd or platform reconstruction over the summer. affecting thousands of commuters. they now need to decide whether to try out metro's shuttle buses tuesday morning. >> i'm going to take the shuttle bus. i'm just going to plan on -- usually i give myself an hour to get downtown. now i'm going to have to give myself an hour and a half. >> michael haynes takes metro to skateboard and work downtown. >> i can try shuttles, but it
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takes longer and it's a lot slower. >> t closers are part of the larger platform improvement project. metro officials say it will replace aging platforms, making them more accessible and safer. hey don't understand why can't do one station at a time. >> the closure will last until sunday, september 8th. shomari stone, news4. >> now before you leave the house tomorrow morning, make sure you check in with first 4 traffic. melissa willet you know how the shutdown is ging to impact your route tomorrow. >> metro expects to meet the deadline for safety fixes on the trains to protect blind riders. the federal transit administration ordered metro to add chains between every railcar on the new train by may 31st, and this happened after at least two people stepped off platforms and fell straight on the tracks after min taking the gap betwee the cars for an open door. right now president trump is in the middle of a four-day overseas trip to japan.
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>> that's right. he just visited japanese and herican forces on a naval vessel before heds home. >> but as nbc's dan sheneman reports, part of his trip has been overshadowed tensions with north korea. >> reporter: president trump rapping up his trip to japan, inspecting a japanese ship with pping minister abe and s at the uss wasp, where he marked memorial day with america's military. >> mr. president, i have no higher honor than serving as your commander in chief and the extraordinary men and women of the american armed forces. >> a highlight of the president's stay in japan, becoming the first world leader to meet with the new the esident's meetings also showed sharp disagreements on north korea. calling kim ng-un's latest missile tests a violation of u.n. resolutions. while the president's own national security advi with the prime minister -- >> i view it differently. i view it as a man, perhaps he wants to get attention, and
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perhaps not. who knows. >> another important issue, trade. the president, a long-time critic's of japan's trde surpluses. >> i think that we are very muce discussing difrent things with japan. we have anb unbel large trade imbalance, which has been therr many, many years. >> the white house didn't expect a new trade deal with japan during this visit, wth serious talks not expected until after japan's parliamentary elections in july. dan sheneman, nbc news. tomorrow we could get a very important signal as to whether the high court is ready to visit roe v. wade. the u.s. supreme court is expected to announce whether it will review two laws in indiana that limit abortion. lower courts blocked both laws. several states have passed restrictive abortion laws in recent weeks. conservative lawmakers in those states are hoping the highest court in the land will eventually take up roe v. wade and ultimately overturn it.
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in prince george'sow tomorr round two of the scripps national spelling bee preliminaries are going to be 565 spellers ranging in age from 7 to 15 are going to be competing for the grand prize of $50,000. the finals are scheduled begin on thursday. over the lastde de, more than 60 people have died in crashes on indianhead highway. that makes it one of the worst and one of the most dangerous roadways in the region, if not the country. but now much needed safety improvements are rolling in. prince george's county bureau chief tracy wilkens spoke to one t the activists who helped bring about thaange. >> there is only 13il m of roadway of indian head highway in prince george's unty, but it's this deadly 11 miles from this spot forward to the beltway. >> reporter: reverend dr. roberts greenophelps pe through their hardest times along route 210. >> i've run into accidents when i'm pulling on my vesan going
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as a clergy member to an accident scene. >> reporter: when he is not working on the highway, he's at the hospitalho ng to comfort the injured and those who have lost loved ones to this road. >> this is the most dangerous area for traffic fatales in the state of ryland. >> reporter: he has lived here more than 40 years and remembers each fatal crash along 210,th photographic detail, like the crash at this very spot in 2008. >> there were eight people that were killed, and one particular accident. >> it was due to drag racing in the beginning of a nasty trend.s >> well,ce that time, we've had two additional accidents that occurred not 50 yards from this spot, right in the intersection here at pine drive. >> reporter: thenhere were the three children who were killed on new year's e last year, just a few miles north of here. >> all of them are bad, but when you have children who haven't even got a start in life to lose them and all in one incident, that was terrible. >> reporter: for 14 years, he
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has worked with neighbors to make this road safer. and this saturday that change is coming with three roving speed operate 24 will hours a day, seven days a week. they'll move from location to location along 210. they're the first of their kind, made posteble through sta legislation. >> it's been a long trek. there has been many people lost along the way. but we're doing the best we can to try and change some behavior. >> i'm tracy wilkens, news4. well, for many of us today marks the beginning of summer. >> right. >> and this is the holiday where barbecues are a big part of the memorial day observations around the country. >> but many veterans are reflecting on the ultimate sacrifices made for our freedoms. al with meaning behind today's holiday. >> take a break from the grilling and the beach and the swimming pools and really reflect on why do we have a day off today. and there will be some who don't come back. and that's what memorial day is all about. and of course i'm tracking a
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chance for storms tomorrow morning. take a look at ths our computer model talking about 9:00, 9:30. these storms coming right through the d.c. metro area. you mayed nhe umbrella earl
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bands, floats, and s aw of patriotism. it was all part of the d.c.em mial day parade. an estimated quarter of a million people attended. ♪ the parade featured veterans from world war ii, including
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three surviving members of the 6888. theyere the first female all african american battalion to serve overseas during a war. one person toucheby today's parade, actor and long-time military supporter joe mantegna. >> the sacrifices made by men and women like these men and women here that allow us to lwee the lives ive. >> in alexandria, veterans stood in salute during a wreath laying on the captain rocky plaza and vietnam veterans memorial. the plaza honors a captain and the 67 other men from alexandria who died during the vietnam war. on this hosaiday, we lute a man who dedicated his life to service. general larry spr went from one strike to four stars. news4 meagan fitzgerald explains what sacrifice and service means to him.
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>> what bothers me some of about today is a lot of folks, a lot of americans view memorial day as the unofficial beginning of sumer. >> reporter: but that's not what this day is about.s" [ "tlaying ] it's a time for americans to reflect and remember the sacrifice countless men and women made so that we could be free. my father, who was in the korean war is buried. >> larry spencer understands sacrice. he livedit. his grandfather served. his father did too, even losing his hand in the koreanw . >> got his left hand mauled in the gears of the bulldozer while rt was still traveling. >> reporter: and 44 years of spencer's life, he too lived out his family's tradition, even making history in the air force. >> to this day, there has only been eight or nine african american four star, period. >> and larry spencer is one of
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them. he became a highly decorated four-star general in 2012, serving as the second in command of the u.s. air force. >> i was a 37 vice chief of staff. >> he traveled torld working at the white house, the pentagon, and supporting three wars. >> we would fly missions down to vietnam, and, you know, you would hear rockets. >> reporter: general spencer is just one of america's heroes who took the oath to die for his country, and that's why heop hes all americans take time to remember those who did. [ "taps" playing ] >> take a break from the grilling and the beach and the swimming pools and really reflect on why dowe have a day off today? and there will be some who don't come back. and that's what meml day is all about. >> meagan fitzgerald, news4. >> and it was a beautiful day for all those who went out to honor and pay tribute to their emved ones who may be here at
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arlington nationalery. it was a gorgeous day for that. a now we're talking about some storms. >> it's going to be really interesting i think tomorr morning.everybody is going back, going back to school tomorrow. i really think these storms are going to come through right during that morng time where a lot of us will be just walking out of the house. a couple of things re. want you to download the nbcwa shington app. tune in early tomorrow morning.c chuk bell will have the latest for you as you step ut the front door. i'll show you what we're looking at. i'll takeurou ho-by-hour in a second. right now beautiful cohaitions. it s been a great day. a high temperature of 85 degrees. right now 74. t winds out of south at 5 miles per hour. around the area, 68 in leesburg. 69 gaitheburg. 66 culpeper. it is just beautiful outside right now. there is no rain to talk about. this is all ground clutter. it shouldn't even be on there. look what's hpening back through the west, okay? this is the storm that is coming through. i want to zoom on in through ohio. have seen tornadoes in iowa, illinois, indiana and now into ohio.
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look at this mess. every sing one of these red eoxes is a tornado warning. this right here around dayton, ohio, a confirmed large tornado, now on the ground. and that's what's coming ou way tomorrow morning. now i do not expect tornadoes. i do not expect much inform the way of severe weather. but i can'trule out a strong thunderstorm early tomorrow morning. i want to show you the typing here. here is 11:00 tonight. nothi goingon in our region. watch by 6:00 a.m., here comes the storms. they'll have a hard time getting over the mountains. and with loss of daytime heating, we should see the storms begin to die out a little bit. watch by, 7:00 8:00. storminess around hagerstown and winchester. by 9:00, 9:30, in and around the d.c. metro area, yes, we could see some heavy downpours. once again, this is right when the kids areing to school. this is right when many of us are getting out for the morning. take the umbrella. keep a watcul eye to the sky. if you see lightning or hear thunder, make sure you stay t indoors. lethese pass by. they will pass fairly quickly. during the afternoon, we get back into the sunshine and a
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nice hot day tomorrow. or maybe the warmest day we've seen so far this year if we can get enough sunshine early enough. showers and thunderstorms at the bus stop. 86 by recess. 92 by the time we're picking up the kids. it is goingo be a hot one out there for sure. temperature-wise across the nation, look where we were today down to the south. 101 in savannah, georgia. all-time record down there. 94 degrees in atlanta. that's the warmerir trying to move in across our region tomorrow about and the next couple days. a couple of 90s in there, w'including tomorro93. if we get there, once again, arly storms may help to keep the number down little bit. if we do hit 93, it will be the warmest tlos year. k at the rest of the week. 88 on wednesday. i wouldn't be surprised if we hit 90 too. 86 friday. and we stay on the warm side as we make our way into the weekend. saturday coming in at 5 degrees. another chance of showers and storms. some could be on the strong side before we start the first full week of june. it looks fantastic.
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tis is the xfinity sports desk. >> just when we thought george was our friend, he comes in here and he is bringing up all thisf st about things we don't really have interest in, aren't invested in. >> it's better to remember. remember theood old days. >> they're good memories. >> remember when we were winning championships and doing kegds stan and the stanley cup. >> when was that again? >> a year ago. 265 d d 36s ago. we know how that series ended. unfortunately the caps won't be defyeding the cup this . instead it's a rematch ofthe 1970s stanley cup fil, boston and st. louis. bruins going for a sixth title. and the blues had the worst record in hockey in january.
11:26 pm
tonight find themselves in a championship round. nbc4.enight here on a stanley cup final 49 years in the making. bme 1 lived up to the hype. second period,es up 1-0. b turnovery boston. the blues take advantage. vladimirer the sy er thtarasenka it did not t. third period, the bruins come back to tie it at 2. puck in front of the net. lotsof traffic. sean kuraly putting it in for boston. bruins score four unanswered oa gls. blues still looking for their first ever stanley cup win. uins take game one, 4-2. nationals hosting the marlins. takg time to reflect and remember on memorial day. to the game. max scherzer with his 100th strikeout of the season earlier, in the fifth getting it done at the plate. scherzer takes it opposite field to right. geraldo regard doe para hustling around. slides in ahead of the tag. an rbisingle for scherzer.
11:27 pm
nats up 2-1. but in the eighth, we're tied at 2. man on for martin prado. to trai turner. turner's throw gets past mad adams. safe on the error. turner's throw a little high off of the glove of adams. not a good error for the nats. two batters later, bases loaded. skies it to right. adam eaton makes the play. stling castro tags. he is heading home the throw off th plate. the marlins score the go-ahead run. 3-2 the fin the nats fall to 2-10 in games pitched by max thisyear. men'sacrosse championship. virginia taking on yale. skip ahead to second quarter. uva up 4-2. the contender fires and scores. the philly native playing in his hometown. two goals in the game. and this one a beauty. wahoos take a 5-2 lead. in the third, virginia up 8-4. looking to put this one away.
11:28 pm
matt moore does just that. come from behind the net. he scores. moore leads the way with four game.and an assist in the virginia finishes off an wimpressive tournament winning it 13-9, taking home their first national championship since 2011. basketball championship and lacrosse. >> that's a pretty good year. >> yep. s ale it walast year. not all water is created equal.
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born better® a maryland woman had friends and family on standby there watching her receiveer diploma last week. >> and her service dog chief w right by her side.or erica harb earned her degree mechanical engineering. her service dog named chief wore his custom-made cap and gown,
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standing beside her as he always does. good luck to them in their next endeavor. ahe isdorable. >> nice shoes, chief! t >> way go. that's it for tonight show starring jimmy fallon" coming up next. >> thks for watching. >> thks for watching. an the big carriers are talking about their current 5g roll outs, but their efforts are limited to a few pockets in select cities or trying to convince consumers that 4g is actually 5g.g roll outs,
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they're neglecting small towns and rural communities, leaving them on the wrong side of the dital divide. if approved, only the combsed availableresourceof t-mobile and sprint can deliver on all the spectrum bands ne ed to quickly bring unprecedented 5g connectivity across the nation.
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